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    April Hellinger

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    Mark,   Earlier I sent you a couple of pictures of Paul Hellinger 501/G  (my uncle)  I took faces from 2 of his pictures and 2 from the mystery pics and put them side by side.   What do you think?  He has that tilt to his nose and the spot in his chin.

    He looks so much like my dad.  Charles Carl Hellinger  112th inf. 28th div Co. "C"  POW- Stalag IXB

    This picture of dad would have been about 10-12 years older than the pictures of Paul.  Thanks  April


    Reply from KlondikeFox:

    Hi April-
    let me answer a few questions:
    1) the photo of your uncle holding a Tommygun and wearing a helmet with
    wide mesh net on it was taken in 1943 at Camp Mackall, N.C., which is not far
    from Fayetteville, where Ft Bragg is still located.  Camp Mackall is now mostly vacant,
    with only a few original barracks' still standing and used for training by Special Forces.
    2) The man who resembles your family in the Holland mystery photo cannot be your
    uncle, simply because he is a captain (note the two bars painted on the front of his helmet).
    3) You asked on the TT forum for photos of G/501.  I probably have more 501st pics,
    including G Co than anyone in the world.  However, most of the people in them have been identified and I assume you are searching for more pics of your uncle?  If that is the case, I can't help you.
    I do have the photo showing most of the whole company, taken at Mackall in spring 43, and
    many of the faces, but not all are identified.  I'll look at that one again to see if Paul is in it.  I
    have it buried in a trunk downstairs and might not get to it until after the 24th, as I am soon leaving for a week in Florida.  The company photos were intended to show everyone in each company, but in
    actuality, many men were missing, because of being sick or home on furlough or away on passes, etc. 
    Some company photos contain only about half of the men actually assigned to that company at the time.  Keep in touch and you will learn more about G/501 on the forum, etc.  Mark B.
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    hi mark,

    im a big fan of your work i have most of your books bar a few,im looking to buy avenging eagles and your trigger time booklets from your site could you tell me how much it would cost me to buy those books plus postage as im based in the uk.thankyou for your time mark


    Reply from KlondikeFox:

    Current ordering info for 'Avenging Eagles' and the patch guide book can be
    found on the BOOKS page of my website-all prices, etc still apply. Thanks for
    your interest in my books and website- M. Bando